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Caisheng  has been focusing on the production of label printing machine for 20 years

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CAISHENG - Stable Quality & Resonable Price

Focused On the R&D and Production of Label Printing Presses for 20 Years

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Answer:Coated paper self-adhesive labels are a kind of self-adhesive labels based on coated paper. Its greatest characteristics are whiteness, smoothness, an...
Answer:Self-adhesive labels, also known as self-adhesive labels, instant stickers, instant stickers, pressure-sensitive papers, etc., are made of printing pa...
Answer:1. Uneven sizing of superglue. Generally, transparent self-adhesive labels are composed of three parts: printing layer, adhesive and backing paper. Ac...
Answer:1. Wide range of applications. It is not only used in the food industry, daily necessities, electrical appliances, stationery, etc., but also used in ...
Answer: Self-adhesive materials are composed of three parts: base material, glue, and backing paper. The right materials are very important.1. Adhesives...
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